Monday, April 17, 2017

Get Ready for the Neo-Neoconservatives

by Rachel Lu October 3, 2016
Millennials may be souring on the old world of the political and cultural Left. For Daniel Patrick Moynihan, it was the racism charges that broke the camel’s back. His famous 1965 report on the pathologies of black culture landed him in a hornet’s nest. “I was not a bigot,” he wrote later, “but the good guys were calling me a racist, while here was this fellow Buckley saying these thoughtful things.
Glazer and I began to notice that we were getting treated in National Review with a much higher level of intellectual honesty.” Moynihan was just one of many erstwhile-liberals who was startled to find a rare bastion of sanity in National Review.
That trickle of refugees from liberalism would prove critical to getting William Buckley’s fledgling conservative movement off the ground. Having once regarded themselves as liberals, many neoconservatives had managed to attain influential mainstream positions that traditionalists of Russell Kirk’s persuasion would likely have found difficult.
They were invaluable for raising the movement’s profile. At the same time, their experience and background made them savvy to policy. They would lay the groundwork for conservative policy developments over the next several decades............Read more
My Take - The author's article is a mixed bag of tricks, until you realize she was a former Peace Corp volunteer and a Bob Novak Journalism Fellow.  Talk about a mixed bag, and like all neo-cons she's not committed to anything conservative that represents a solid moral foundation.  Another Will/Krauthammer "conservative", which means just about nothing. 

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