Tuesday, April 18, 2017

It's World Homeopathy Week! All 8 Days of It

By Josh Bloom — April 10, 2017

Every now and then, people screw up. Who amongst us has never made a mistake? Even the American Council gets it wrong now and then. Yet, we are nothing if not humble. Since it's World Homeopathy Week, this provides the prefect opportunity for some self reflection and humility. Is it possible that we have been unfairly criticizing homeopathy and homeopaths all this time?

In the interest of keeping an open mind, I decided to search for evidence that might indicate that I may have been wrong all along. It was a humbling experience, but I'm glad I did it. I feel so...... cleansed. I was dumbfounded by what has been in front of my face all this time that I failed to see. Clearly, I was so arrogant and unshakeable in my belief system of traditional science that I did not give homeopathy the respect that it deserves. I feel shamed.

So, the very least I can do to atone for my sins is to present some of what I uncovered during my journey toward self-enlightenment. The evidence speaks for itself...........

Test subject #1, the (dis)honorable Mike Adams, did respond in a manner that was consistent with homeopathic science......To Read More...

Editor's Note: Mike Adams styles himself the Health Ranger.

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