Sunday, April 16, 2017

Klayman: Panetta Was Found to Have Obstructed Justice in Clintons Chinagate Case When I Ran Judicial Watch! See Judicial Watch Cnn. Doc 96 Cv 0133 (DCC). He Is Neither Honest nor Credible!

Panetta Warns: North Korea Could Target 20 Million in Seoul, By Sandy Fitzgerald Newsmax April 15, 2017
 Former CIA Director Leon Panetta Friday urged President Donald Trump to exercise caution when dealing with North Korea and to take care not to engage in any "precipitous action" in reacting to President Kim Jong Un's threat for a nuclear test this weekend.  "There is no question this is a tinderbox," Panetta, also the chief of staff for former President Bill Clinton, told the MSNBC "Andrea Mitchell Reports" program.  "It has been for a long time, but we're at a time when there is a potential for provocation . . . the words from the administration are creating an even higher volume in terms of the provocations that are going on. I think we have to be careful here.".......Continue Reading.....
My Take - Let's get this right.  This is all the fault of the Clintons.  Flashback: Bill Clinton Praises Nuclear Deal with North Korea As a Success North Korea - now more dangerous than ever, and then we have the Iran nuclear deal with another Clinton as Secretary of State. 
  • Is it possible these people are that stupid?  Yes! 
  • When Hillary lost the election her supporters blubbered like infants crying the world had ended, needing counseling and safe spaces to once again be able to function.   Is it possible these snowflakes are that stunningly ignorant?  Yes?
  • Is it possible they're even dumber than the Clintons?  Yes! 
  • Is it possible the entire Democrat Party is a lunatic asylum?  Absolutely Yes!

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