Monday, April 17, 2017

The EU’s Existential Crisis

By Alexandra Phillips

That’s the question that dominated Brexit, and continues to be deployed as a weapon of confusion by all that oppose it.

The very concept of self-governance has become so alien to the political establishment that the simple answer: ‘the UK will determine its own fate, as it did for over a century, and as most countries on the planet do’ has become less obvious among the warbling political elite than the perverse concept that a multilingual political union instead represents the absolute. That’s despite the lifespans of the USSR, the Habsburg Monarchy and even the Roman Empire illustrated throughout history that such constructs have a limited shelf life, however long their tenure.

The European Union, with its shaky currency and doom-destined economic non-plan, is the entity facing the greatest uncertainty. With one member state half way out the door, and with it, a huge slice of total net contributions and significant leverage in foreign mediation, as well as the rather public slap in the face to the entire ideology of the project, the EU is now left with gravely unanswered questions..................Read More

My Take - The EU is doomed and will be gone in five years.  Europe will cease to exist as we know it for three reasons. 
  1. It's broke and getting more broke by the second, and unlike the U.S., Europe is not a self sustaining society militarily, economically, agriculturally, and cannot self generate the energy it needs.  Europe cannot generate the capital necessary to maintain the social standards they now enjoy. 
  2. They're breeding themselves out of existence which leads to the third problem. 
  3. The immigration of Muslims from third world countries that are economic and social disasters who believe they should be dominant and the countries they're infesting.  Countries they demand convert to Islam.  Which of course set Europe up for the same kind of unending violence that exists in Muslim dominated nations.
At some point there's going to be a massive civil war over this bankrupting Europe forever.  There will be no American Protectorate for Europe this time.  We can't afford Europe any longer and we need to accept that and move one.  They made their beds and now they will have to lay in them.  You'll notice the self-righteous Euro-leaders aren't looking down their noses at the U.S. any longer.  Why?  Because no matter what they say publicly - they know they're into it up to their necks and they "NEED" the U.S.  

The internationalist socialists running Europe will be replaced by nationalist socialists and one of them may decide the only way to save Europe is to conquer Europe.  That's not a viable option because Europe no longer has the manpower or the money. 

Europe, as we know it, is doomed.  There are no positive end solutions for Europe.  And just because they need the U.S. doesn't mean we need Europe.  And we don't.  We need to move on down the road and not look back. 

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